Portraits of Professional Caregivers: Their Passion. Their Pain.

Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure being involved with an upcoming documentary feature Portraits of Professional Caregivers: Their Passion. Their Pain. The film focuses on various professional care providers, as they recount dramatic behind the scenes stories, bringing to light some of the hardships and issues that follow.

My film credits:

Animator – Assistant Editor – Design Consultant

My responsibilities include creating animated graphics and title cards, developing visual story narrative environments during interview segments, assisting with editing production footage and providing collaborative feedback on creative direction.

IMDB Title Page

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Official Film Poster

Official Film Poster

Directed by: Vic Compher

Produced by: Vic Compher & Rodney Whittenberg

Cinematography by: Tim Fryett & Jon Olshefski

Editing by: Tim Fryett

Animation & Assistant Editing by: Michael Adamo

Musical Score by: Rodney Whittenberg (Melodyvision)

Synopsis (via IMDB):

Portraits of Professional Caregivers: Their Passion. Their Pain. is an upcoming full feature documentary film, that shares the dramatic behind the scenes stories of professionals who provide care to traumatized or dying patients and clients–medics, firefighters, child protective social workers, hospice staff, clinical psychologists, urban school teachers, emergency nurses, doctors and others. We learn about the emotional impact of their arduous work upon themselves and how they seek to cope with secondary trauma, as well as to find meaning in these very challenging jobs. Along with the powerful stories of the professionals, internationally recognized experts, Sandra Bloom and Charles R. Figley provide insightful commentary.

The film is currently in post-production and going through the submission process in various film festivals. If you are interested in learning more about the film, please visit caregiversfilm.com.