Caregivers Short: Rasheida’s Story

Caregivers: Rasheida’s Story

CAREGIVERS is an upcoming film that discusses traumatic experiences told by professional care providers who rescue, assist, or when possible heal the their patients and clients. It is “behind the scenes” look, contrasting the popular media’s portrayal of violent crimes, deaths or other tragedies, and will take us on a into their world the public has not seen before.

In this segment, Rasheida, a social worker and teacher, tells a compelling true story about a 10 year old child from her classroom whom she sent on an errand to fetch pastries for the class. Tragically he is caught in a random shootout and killed. It is a powerful story of professionalism, personal grief and emotional recovery.

In this experimental piece, I am responsible for creating the graphics and animated segments that help visualize her story.

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Cast/ Credits

Vic Compher

Vic Compher
Rodney Whittenberg

Videography & Editing
Tim Fryett

Animation/ Motion Graphics
Michael Adamo

Musical Composition & Sound Mixing
Rodney Whittenberg

Special Acknowledgement(s)

Rasheida Peay, M.Ed.

For sharing her story in order to help us understand better the potential costs and risks for professionals who provide care to others.


An organization that provides education, behavioral health and child welfare services to children and youth who are experiencing emotional, behavioral and academic challenges.

Rebecca Dion MSS, LCSW

Wordsworth Staff
Lawrence Bracy, Jr. MSS, LCSW
Andrew Gross MSS, LCSW