Portfolio Reel

Greetings viewers! Take a look at my portfolio reel and see if something catches your eye! You are able to view my reel and other works under the above tabs.

Demo Reel May 2012 – Motion Graphics from Michael Adamo on Vimeo.

Reel breakdown:

Title Sequence – Pulp Fiction – Gun Shot
MiND Station ID – Crazy M
Personal Monogram Animation
The Fishing Wharf – Dock Fly-by
MiND Station ID – Letterpress
Kinetic Type Animation – “Cells” by The Servant
Title Sequence – Requiem for a Dream
MiND Promotional ID – Building Community
Shatter Animation Test – Hello!
Title Sequence – Pulp Fiction – Straw, Clock, and Samurai Sword
The Fishing Wharf – Land Fly-by

Audio Track: Kennedy – Ratatat