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A reel showcasing some of my motion graphics work. Special thanks to AOL, Arctic Ease, Brolik Productions, Independence Media, Monstermathclub, NBC Sports Universal, Origami Everything, LLC, Philadelphia University, Reality Sports Online, Three Piece Suit Productions, LLC and Vinnie Maniscalco.


TaKillya – Vinnie Maniscalco

Reel Breakdown:

Color Wave – Three Piece Suit Productions, LLC
Tour De France Endpage – NBC Sports Universal
Logo Watermark – Origami Everything, LLC
Promotional Video – Monstermathclub
Community Members Promotional Spot – Independence Media MiND TV
Inside Your Mind – Personal Project
The Crossover Endpage – NBC Sports Universal
Title Sequence – AOL Strive to Thrive Web Series
Office of Residence Life Promotional Video – Philadelphia University
Rockstar Formula 1/ Indy Car Spot – NBC Sports Universal
Promotional Video – Reality Sports Online
Crazy M Station ID – Independence Media MiND TV
Requiem for a Dream Title Sequence – Personal Project
Promotional Spot – Arctic Ease
Color Wave – Three Piece Suit Productions, LLC

Crossroads: Green goes Pink

A short animated advertisement for Crossroads Hospice promoting their “Green goes Pink” breast cancer awareness during the month of October.


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Caregivers: Rasheida’s Story

CAREGIVERS is an upcoming film that discusses traumatic experiences told by professional care providers who rescue, assist, or when possible heal the their patients and clients. It is “behind the scenes” look, contrasting the popular media’s portrayal of violent crimes, deaths or other tragedies, and will take us on a into their world the public has not seen before.

In this segment, Rasheida, a social worker and teacher, tells a compelling true story about a 10 year old child from her classroom whom she sent on an errand to fetch pastries for the class. Tragically he is caught in a random shootout and killed. It is a powerful story of professionalism, personal grief and emotional recovery.

In this experimental piece, I am responsible for creating the graphics and animated segments that help visualize her story.

Click here to learn more about Caregivers film.

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Empathy – VFX Breakdown

A VFX breakdown for a collaborative short film featuring a distressed marionette who attempts to break free from his master. I am responsible for the creating the Visual FX, atmospheric style and credit sequence.

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The Persistence of Memory

My short film, The Persistence of Memory, just received an Honorable Mention in Nile Livingston’s Hipbop Art & Film Contest in Philadelphia. Give it a watch!

*Winner of the Focal Press Excellence in Filmmaking Award, May 2012*

My Senior Capstone Thesis Animation, entitled The Persistence of Memory. It is a self-reflective piece recounting my experiences over the past four years of attending school at Philadelphia University.

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